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Welcome to the world’s first digital success management firm for Associations

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About Us

Dear Association Executive;

Tracy Betts
Tracy Betts

I owned a digital agency for close to 21 years. As the agency of choice for thousands of Associations and government agencies we had unique insight into both your internal operational practices, your chosen technologies, and your customer needs.

We were witness to your digital transformation.

And I became increasingly frustrated at what I saw. What should have resulted in cost savings, revenue generation and increased member satisfaction ended up affecting members and employees in ways that cost you money and more importantly, cost you the trust of your members and your staff.

Digital transformation should be disruptive. Not debilitating.

So I set out to create a new type of consultancy.

Boldr Strategic Consulting is a digital success management firm. Our mission is to create momentum and rhythm where digital initiatives are causing roadblocks for your customers and employees. We do this by:

Leveraging over two decades of experience with thousands of Associations and professional societies, we have created a set of programs and services designed to ensure your digital success. From our hallmark offering - The Digital Success Partnership - to our individual digital services our experienced team of consultants can pin point, benchmark and fix those things that are most impacting your association.


Tracy Betts
Boldr Strategic Consulting